Clients and Work

Creation of a Social Enterprise program, utilizing the Gender By Us™ toolkit as the foundation.

  • Gather advisory committee of local business experts.

  • Conduct market research and focus groups.

  • Create thorough business, operational, and launch plans.

  • Provide staffing for sales and internal processes during pilot program.

  • Assist with launch event planning and implementation.

Piloting implementation of the organization's newly created Social Enterprise; In(form)ed.

  • Embed within the organization as temporary capacity during the pilot phase.

  • Work out all "bugs" affiliated with a new business.

  • Create staffing plan and applicable job description(s).

  • Provide staffing for sales and administrative processes during pilot.

  • Maintain and enhance relationships with community partners throughout the alpha and beta test phases.

  • Manage the implementation of the project from start to finish.

  • Continue relationships with all stakeholders; including but not limited to app designers, marketing/media experts, and the existing SE Catalyst team.

Explore the feasibility of; prepare for implementation of; then assist with implementation of a Social Enterprise internal to the Van Buren Shelter, the Caring Kitchen.

  • Research into best practices and current conditions.

  • Recommendations regarding feasibility of program.

  • Creation of a business plan for the program, including:

    • Timeline/quarterly operational chart

    • Budget/Financial model

    • Staffing

    • Program Outline

    • Research

    • Background

    • Future Concepts

    • Other sections as applicable

  • Manage entire process, including (but not limited to) all components of kitchen renovation, securing funding and sponsorship, gaining internal and external stakeholder buy-in, and internal process creation and iteration.

Design and run Officer's Group workshop to align vision for Strategic Growth Campaign.

  • Complete background research and interviews

  • Hold 5 hour workshop designed to create alignment and determine overall vision

Run leadership and team lead staff retreats to align shelter vision, mission, and logistics. Workshops include:

  • Vision/Mission

  • Customer Service

  • Empathy and Understanding

  • Facilitated Dialogue and Communication Across Differences

  • Effective Feedback Strategies

Create an innovative interpersonal program for the guests of the Van Buren Center.

  • Interview stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

  • Review current conditions.

  • Make recommendations regarding updates to current system, necessary prior to implementation of a new program.

  • Research best practices.

  • Create innovative and "outside the box" program outline, including phased approach.

  • Design job description for individual to implement the program.

Creation of a new system and design of an implementation plan for distribution of healthy, affordable food to at-risk neighborhoods.

  • Participate in design workshops.

  • Facilitate work groups through planning process.

  • Recruit diverse group of all volunteer participants.

Creation of an overview business planning document for an internal Social Enterprise - Nature's Touch Landscaping.

  • Hold session to determine purpose of document, and what is needed to reach that purpose.

  • Review and analyze existing documents.

  • Determine "holes" in existing information.

  • Create sections to complete analysis.

  • Complete financial analysis to guide decision making.

  • Present document to Executive Director and Board Committee.

Festival Chair for annual celebration of Social Enterprise.

  • Work in collaboration with other Planning Committee members throughout the year.

  • Build and maintain relationships with Social Enterprises operating in Central Ohio.

  • Encourage vendor participation, handle all logistics-related information.

  • Provide project management skills to ensure high levels of customer service in all aspects of the planning process.

Facilitated Board Retreat to gain consensus on forward path of the organization.

  • Worked in partnership with PATH consultant to hold full day retreat:

    • Review of Strength and Opportunities (SWOT analysis).

    • Vision Workshop to identify one Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the next year.

    • Created Strategic Plan Outline including specific and thorough steps to reach the BHAG.

Solidify, implement, and prepare a Social Enterprise business accelerator for state-wide expansion.

  • Review current program conditions.

  • Ensure cohesive and consistent communication between multiple partners.

  • Implement 14 week accelerator program:

    • Recruit participants, subject matter experts, and mentors

    • Coordinate and facilitate business education sessions

    • Organize "pitch event" for start-up funding and resources

  • Create implementation documents and program standards, allowing for seamless expansion into new state-wide markets.

Partner Needs Assessment.

  • Hold focus groups, create and administer surveys, and make individual partner calls to assess current conditions.

  • Make recommendations to allow client to provide key strategic support to partners in order to meet national annual goals for both outputs and outcomes.

Project Management for Curricula Updates.

  • Supervise team of reviewers from multiple organizations, aligning goals, timelines, and schedules.

  • Ensure adherence to deadlines.

  • Provide oversight and quality control.

Programmatic document review and consolidation for Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters® Program.

  • Assess current conditions.

  • Review Implementation Guidelines, Gold Standards, and Program Agreements.

  • Facilitate conversation regarding document process and use.

  • Provide recommendations for document process and use.

  • Consolidate documents for ease of use and efficiency or process.

Define clear path forward to get an Autism employment support facility off the ground.

  • Work with founder to succinctly define: Vision, Mission, Brand Identity, and Brand Promise.

Creation of implementation plan, and initial implementation of, a Community Food Box program to include Veggie SNAPs in the 2017 YellowBird CSA program.

  • Interview all involved parties - with YellowBird, Veggie SNAPs, and external partners.

  • Research and review local and national best practices.

  • Create plan to seamlessly integrate Veggie SNAPs into the 2017 CSA program - the plan includes recommendations for logistics, implementation, staffing, budget, etc.

  • Create plan to include CSA shares for an at-risk population, regardless of Veggie SNAP participation.

  • Build partnerships with external host sites to distribute local, healthful food to an at-risk population.

  • Pilot the plan and create solutions to all challenges.

  • Create job description for ongoing program management.

2016 Columbus Arts Festival waste management program planning and implementation.

  • Determination of deliverables.

  • Enhancements to current year's plan.

  • Research and documentation of current conditions.

  • Sustainability reporting.

  • Recommendations for future improvement.

Oak Leaf Farm (1/10 acre farm owned and operated by Veterans) development and implementation.

  • Sales strategy research, recommendations, and connections

Regular Adjunct Professor for a semester long course; The Socially Just City; through City and Regional Planning.

  • As advocates for marginalized communities, planners can promote policies which expand opportunity and create sustainable communities.

  • Discussion topics include:

    • Social Justice & Equity

    • Segregation, Fair Housing, Exclusionary & Inclusionary Zoning

    • Civic Engagement & Community Organization

Adjunct Professor for a 12-week course; Tactical Urbanism; through City and Regional Planning.

  • OSU students work with teams of at-risk youth (aged 14-16) to engage in a community planning process.

  • Students vision, plan, and implement a Tactical Urbanism project on the Near East Side of Columbus.

  • At the completion of the course, students had:

    • a deeper understanding of engaging others in project management

    • learned the visioning, planning, budgeting, staffing, and implementation skills needed to complete a project from start to finish

Advisor for the creation of the Ohio Prison Entrepreneurship Program through the Fisher College of Business.

  • Advise students on project management.

  • Oversee movement of the project across semesters, with varied student involvement.

  • Advise on curriculum development, volunteer management.

  • Lead focus groups within the Southeastern Correctional Institute.

Program development, implementation, and reiterations. Project management and logistics.

  • Facilitated conversations with key community partners to gain consensus and sift through complex options to create and measure data-driven outcomes for multiple projects and programs.

  • Created and implemented a successful social enterprise business within the umbrella of the nonprofit (Wellness Matters).

  • Led the effort to bring Cooking Matters, a national program run by Share Our Strength (Washington D.C. nonprofit), to Columbus.

  • Created and implemented state-wide programmatic expansion plans for the Cooking Matters program.

  • Utilized data to troubleshoot/analyze/diagnose/refresh the social enterprise as well as three other core programs.

  • Developed, implemented, and managed day-to-day logistics of four core programs.

  • Created a thorough work planning and personal development process for all programs and staff.

  • Oversaw programmatic document overhaul and organization.

  • Designed internal processes, paperwork, forms, and measurement tools.

Analyzed current business practices, made recommendations for process improvements, created and implemented training program for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Took complex technical information and created and presented easy to digest summary reports for high-level executives.

  • Reporting and analytics of operations.

  • Planning/forecasting, budgeting, KPI/scorecard measurement, performance and productivity measurement.

  • Project Leader/Business Delivery for technical projects.

  • Created and implemented a national training plan to train all certified Life Insurance Agents on a complex new online tool; iPipeline; used to submit online insurance applications. Trained Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on internal teams.