Clients and Work

Collaborative project between the City of Columbus, the Community Shelter Board, CelebrateONE, and the YMCA of Central Ohio. Design of an efficient and collaborative system for women who are pregnant and at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.

  • Focus groups and stakeholder interviews to determine current conditions

  • Identification of current path; design of visual tool to ascertain gaps

  • Facilitation of workshop with 40+ organizations to gather input and recommendations

  • Workshop write up, including system gap analysis and recommendations for next steps

Program Development Support for Mission Services, to ensure success of a new person-centered model.

  • Facilitation of visioning and alignment sessions.

  • Program design and ideation workshops.

  • Business planning (including but not limited to: staffing and operational plans, financial reviews, etc.).

  • Temporary capacity/staffing for new programs/enterprises.

  • Market research & competitive analysis.

  • Data analysis.

Creation of an outreach plan for two grant programs to increase program participation for target audiences in Franklinton and the South Side neighborhoods of Columbus.

  • Facilitation of ideation sessions - both internal to the client and with community partners.

  • Design of replicable and scalable outreach plan.

  • Consult during implementation to ensure everything goes as planned.

Creation of a Social Enterprise program, utilizing the Gender By Us™ toolkit as the foundation.

  • Gather advisory committee of local business experts.

  • Conduct market research and focus groups.

  • Create thorough business, operational, and launch plans.

  • Provide staffing for sales and internal processes during pilot program.

  • Assist with launch event planning and implementation.

Piloting implementation of the organization's newly created Social Enterprise; In(form)ed.

  • Embed within the organization as temporary capacity during the pilot phase.

  • Work out all "bugs" affiliated with a new business.

  • Create staffing plan and applicable job description(s).

  • Provide staffing for sales and administrative processes during pilot.

  • Maintain and enhance relationships with community partners throughout the alpha and beta test phases.

  • Manage the implementation of the project from start to finish.

  • Continue relationships with all stakeholders; including but not limited to app designers, marketing/media experts, and the existing SE Catalyst team.

Explore the feasibility of; prepare for implementation of; then assist with implementation of a Social Enterprise internal to the Van Buren Shelter, the Caring Kitchen.

  • Research into best practices and current conditions.

  • Recommendations regarding feasibility of program.

  • Creation of a business plan for the program, including:

    • Timeline/quarterly operational chart

    • Budget/Financial model

    • Staffing

    • Program Outline

    • Research

    • Background

    • Future Concepts

    • Other sections as applicable

  • Manage entire process, including (but not limited to) all components of kitchen renovation, securing funding and sponsorship, gaining internal and external stakeholder buy-in, and internal process creation and iteration.

Design and run Officer's Group workshop to align vision for Strategic Growth Campaign.

  • Complete background research and interviews

  • Hold 5 hour workshop designed to create alignment and determine overall vision

Run leadership and team lead staff retreats to align shelter vision, mission, and logistics. Workshops include:

  • Vision/Mission

  • Customer Service

  • Empathy and Understanding

  • Facilitated Dialogue and Communication Across Differences

  • Effective Feedback Strategies

Create an innovative interpersonal program for the guests of the Van Buren Center.

  • Interview stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

  • Review current conditions.

  • Make recommendations regarding updates to current system, necessary prior to implementation of a new program.

  • Research best practices.

  • Create innovative and "outside the box" program outline, including phased approach.

  • Design job description for individual to implement the program.

Creation of a new system and design of an implementation plan for distribution of healthy, affordable food to at-risk neighborhoods.

  • Participate in design workshops.

  • Facilitate work groups through planning process.

  • Recruit diverse group of all volunteer participants.

Creation of an overview business planning document for an internal Social Enterprise - Nature's Touch Landscaping.

  • Hold session to determine purpose of document, and what is needed to reach that purpose.

  • Review and analyze existing documents.

  • Determine "holes" in existing information.

  • Create sections to complete analysis.

  • Complete financial analysis to guide decision making.

  • Present document to Executive Director and Board Committee.

Festival Chair for annual celebration of Social Enterprise.

  • Work in collaboration with other Planning Committee members throughout the year.

  • Build and maintain relationships with Social Enterprises operating in Central Ohio.

  • Encourage vendor participation, handle all logistics-related information.

  • Provide project management skills to ensure high levels of customer service in all aspects of the planning process.

Facilitated Board Retreat to gain consensus on forward path of the organization.

  • Worked in partnership with PATH consultant to hold full day retreat:

    • Review of Strength and Opportunities (SWOT analysis).

    • Vision Workshop to identify one Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the next year.

    • Created Strategic Plan Outline including specific and thorough steps to reach the BHAG.

Solidify, implement, and prepare a Social Enterprise business accelerator for state-wide expansion.

  • Review current program conditions.

  • Ensure cohesive and consistent communication between multiple partners.

  • Implement 14 week accelerator program:

    • Recruit participants, subject matter experts, and mentors

    • Coordinate and facilitate business education sessions

    • Organize "pitch event" for start-up funding and resources

  • Create implementation documents and program standards, allowing for seamless expansion into new state-wide markets.

Partner Needs Assessment.

  • Hold focus groups, create and administer surveys, and make individual partner calls to assess current conditions.

  • Make recommendations to allow client to provide key strategic support to partners in order to meet national annual goals for both outputs and outcomes.

Project Management for Curricula Updates.

  • Supervise team of reviewers from multiple organizations, aligning goals, timelines, and schedules.

  • Ensure adherence to deadlines.

  • Provide oversight and quality control.

Programmatic document review and consolidation for Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters® Program.

  • Assess current conditions.

  • Review Implementation Guidelines, Gold Standards, and Program Agreements.

  • Facilitate conversation regarding document process and use.

  • Provide recommendations for document process and use.

  • Consolidate documents for ease of use and efficiency or process.

Define clear path forward to get an Autism employment support facility off the ground.

  • Work with founder to succinctly define: Vision, Mission, Brand Identity, and Brand Promise.

Creation of implementation plan, and initial implementation of, a Community Food Box program to include Veggie SNAPs in the 2017 YellowBird CSA program.

  • Interview all involved parties - with YellowBird, Veggie SNAPs, and external partners.

  • Research and review local and national best practices.

  • Create plan to seamlessly integrate Veggie SNAPs into the 2017 CSA program - the plan includes recommendations for logistics, implementation, staffing, budget, etc.

  • Create plan to include CSA shares for an at-risk population, regardless of Veggie SNAP participation.

  • Build partnerships with external host sites to distribute local, healthful food to an at-risk population.

  • Pilot the plan and create solutions to all challenges.

  • Create job description for ongoing program management.

2016 Columbus Arts Festival waste management program planning and implementation.

  • Determination of deliverables.

  • Enhancements to current year's plan.

  • Research and documentation of current conditions.

  • Sustainability reporting.

  • Recommendations for future improvement.

Oak Leaf Farm (1/10 acre farm owned and operated by Veterans) development and implementation.

  • Sales strategy research, recommendations, and connections

Regular Adjunct Professor for a semester long course; The Socially Just City; through City and Regional Planning.

  • As advocates for marginalized communities, planners can promote policies which expand opportunity and create sustainable communities.

  • Discussion topics include:

    • Social Justice & Equity

    • Segregation, Fair Housing, Exclusionary & Inclusionary Zoning

    • Civic Engagement & Community Organization

Adjunct Professor for a 12-week course; Tactical Urbanism; through City and Regional Planning.

  • OSU students work with teams of at-risk youth (aged 14-16) to engage in a community planning process.

  • Students vision, plan, and implement a Tactical Urbanism project on the Near East Side of Columbus.

  • At the completion of the course, students had:

    • a deeper understanding of engaging others in project management

    • learned the visioning, planning, budgeting, staffing, and implementation skills needed to complete a project from start to finish

Advisor for the creation of the Ohio Prison Entrepreneurship Program through the Fisher College of Business.

  • Advise students on project management.

  • Oversee movement of the project across semesters, with varied student involvement.

  • Advise on curriculum development, volunteer management.

  • Lead focus groups within the Southeastern Correctional Institute.

Program development, implementation, and reiterations. Project management and logistics.

  • Facilitated conversations with key community partners to gain consensus and sift through complex options to create and measure data-driven outcomes for multiple projects and programs.

  • Created and implemented a successful social enterprise business within the umbrella of the nonprofit (Wellness Matters).

  • Led the effort to bring Cooking Matters, a national program run by Share Our Strength (Washington D.C. nonprofit), to Columbus.

  • Created and implemented state-wide programmatic expansion plans for the Cooking Matters program.

  • Utilized data to troubleshoot/analyze/diagnose/refresh the social enterprise as well as three other core programs.

  • Developed, implemented, and managed day-to-day logistics of four core programs.

  • Created a thorough work planning and personal development process for all programs and staff.

  • Oversaw programmatic document overhaul and organization.

  • Designed internal processes, paperwork, forms, and measurement tools.

Analyzed current business practices, made recommendations for process improvements, created and implemented training program for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Took complex technical information and created and presented easy to digest summary reports for high-level executives.

  • Reporting and analytics of operations.

  • Planning/forecasting, budgeting, KPI/scorecard measurement, performance and productivity measurement.

  • Project Leader/Business Delivery for technical projects.

  • Created and implemented a national training plan to train all certified Life Insurance Agents on a complex new online tool; iPipeline; used to submit online insurance applications. Trained Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on internal teams.